Vision, Mission and Values


The vision of CAMpRA UK Ltd is to see a network of motorcaravan aires and facilities set up throughout the UK, to promote the recreational and leisure activities of motorcaravan owners, and to have motorcaravans recognised in law as being separate from caravans.

‘Motorcaravan’ is the term used by the DVLA to cover campervans and motorhomes.  ‘Aires’ are motorcaravan overnight stops (not campsites).


  • We will work with councils, businesses, and others, with available space, to encourage them to set aside dedicated, safe, overnight parking (with sleeping), for self-contained motorcaravans, together with dedicated daytime parking.
  • We will work with visitor attractions, local community groups, and charities, to encourage them to set up both safe overnight parking, and where possible, facilities for waste disposal and access to fresh water.
  • We will work with caravan sites to allow self-contained motorcaravans to use their sites during the off peak season.
  • We will continue to spread awareness of the economic benefits of encouraging motorcaravan tourism, through campaigns, correspondence, meetings etc.
  • We will continue to engage with Government to work towards updating the legislation to recognise the difference in law between motorcaravans and caravans.


  • We will encourage CAMpRA members to become involved and give them the tools to do so.
  • We will campaign, but not protest, confront, or complain.
  • We will continue to promote motorcaravan etiquette.
  • We will continue to follow the “Leave No Trace” ethos.
  • We will promote the benefits of motorcaravanning for the health and wellbeing of members.